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Keepo Technology Co.,Ltd,located in Shenzhen,China,is a professional antenna,RF cable and RF connector manufacturer.Main products are GSM/2.4G/3G/4G/5.8G/GPS/dual band/315MHz/433MHz/868MHz/915MHz/DVB-T/digital TV/yagi/panel/base station antenna,which are widely used in router/modem/splitter/ amplifier/switch/adapter/transmitter/receiver and other equipment.

Other accessories including RF cable(RG178/RG316/RG58/LMR200...) and RF connector(SMA/SMB/N type...).

With more than 10 years manufacture experience,Keepo providing antenna and RF solution for clients from all over the world,especially Asia,America and Europe.Not only make existing products,but also design and produce new items to meet different client’s requirement.Nowadays,R&D team of 20 engineer and test team of 10 people are devoted to develop new products,improve production technology and guarantee product quality.

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